DNN Custom Forms by OnyakTech
OnyakTech Custom Forms DNN Module
by OnyakTech

OnyakTech Custom Forms Email Options

The new version of the DNN Forms module includes additional new features in this area, please check back for the updated documentation soon after the release

  • Email Options
    • Thes options control how the Forms module sends emails. You can set the TO address dynamically or using fixed email addresses.

      Email Server Settings: If you want to use specific settings for the email server to send emails through then provide them in this section. Otherwise leave these options empty to use the default SMTP settings in DNN.

      Set Email Options from Controls: In this section you tell the Forms module to set the TO addresses based on the values entered into your form. Enter the Control Name to match with the Email Recipient Field. For example, if you have the token [TEXTBOX-MYEMAIL] and you want the value entered into that control to set the TO in the outgoing email then enter MYEMAIL into the TO field below.

      Other Email Options: In these options you can set the fixed email addresses, email subject, body and the options for alternate emails and templates to be sent from the OnyakTech Forms module for DNN.


      Note: You can't use control tokens in the Email To, BCC and From fields below. They must be set to actual email addresses or set from the Form (via querystring or a control). To use Control Tokens for email addresses, use the "Set Email Options from Controls" above. To add multiple email addresses use a semicolon between them. Example: you@yoursite.com;someoneelse@yoursite.com;


  • Email Validation and Opt-Out
    • The Email Validation Options give you granular control over the email processing allowing you to stop the form from being processed if the current user exists in a table you define. You can also have the OnyakTech Forms module for DNN check an opt-out list you have stored in your database before sending the email, if the address is found the email will not be sent. You must enable these features for them to be engaged.