DNN Custom Forms by OnyakTech
OnyakTech Custom Forms DNN Module
by OnyakTech

OnyakTech Forms DNN Module File Upload Locations

By default the files uploaded with the File Upload control on your form are stored in the OnyakTechFormFiles folder in the current portal root of your DNN web site. You can change this location in Display Setup in the File Location section.

File Upload Options

File Path: By default files uploaded using the File Upload control to your form are saved to the "OnyakTechFormFiles" folder in the root of the current portal directory of your DNN web site. You can change this by changing the "File Path".

Uncompress files after upload: Check this option to unzip Zip files uploaded to your form after the form is submitted.

Display File Manager to Users: The File Manager is always visible to you if are in Edit mode on the page. To have the File Manager displayed to all users you can check this option. The File Manager displays all files uploaded for the current record.