DNN Custom Forms by OnyakTech
OnyakTech Custom Forms DNN Module
by OnyakTech

Getting Started with OnyakTech Forms

Creating a custom forms with the OnyakTech Forms module is very simple. It really comes down to just two steps.

  1. To edit an existing form, click on "Form Editor" module menu option. Select your form, edit and Save.
  2. To select the form to display, click on "Form Display Setup". Select your form and Save.

That's it! Everything else is just fluff.
The "Key" areas of the OnyakTech Forms are...
  1. Form Editor:The Form Editor is where you design your form and add controls. You can edit all Forms included with the module and that you have created for the current portal.
  2. Control Panel: The Control Panel provides additional features you can add to each control on your Form. This includes but is not limited to validation, custom scripts, enhanced visual effects, data access, PDF Template Field mapping and more. Some of these features can also be implemented using Tokens.
  3. Event Manager: The Event Manager provides the ability to change the contents of controls on your Form when users interact with it. For example, you can create an event that loads a listbox control based on a value entered into a textbox control or display a section of your form after a user selects a checkbox.
  4. Display Setup: Display Setup is where you define the Form should be displayed and how it is displayed. This includes but is not limited to what happens before the Form is loaded, how the Form is presented, what happens when the user submits the Form and where the information in the form is stored.
  5. Debug Log: The Debug Log is enabled in Display Setup and provides all of the details of what is going on behind the scene to process your Form. This can be helpful when working with complex forms.