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OnyakTech Custom Forms DNN Module
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OnyakTech Custom Forms F.A.Q for DNN
Yes, to save to the database you want to check the option "Save to database" under "Forms Data Options" in Display Setup.
OnyakTech Forms saves the values following standard relational database design. Values are not stored as XML with all values in a single column or using a design that will make it difficult to report against. For example, if you create a Form named "MyUsers" and you have controls for Name and Address, OnyakTech Forms will create a new table for this Form (unless it already exists or you have specified your own table) along with a primary key (identity 1,1) and two columns named "Name" and "Address". Each Form Entry will create one row into that table.
Forms module will save the Form entries to a new table named after your Form if you don't add a TABLE token to your Form Template. The name of the table will be something like OnyakTechFormsPortalId_YourFormNameHere.
When testing your forms the best feature to use to help you with the testing is to enable the Debug Log in Display Setup located in "Other Options". Then test your form while in Edit mode on the page. Complete details and potential issues will be displayed in this log to help you test your form.
Yes, you will find this option in "Forms Data Options" in Display Setup. You can also use Form Tokens in your Form Template for this. TABLE tokens are defined later on in this document. An example: [TABLE-TABLENAMEHERE]
Yes, you will find this option in "Forms Data Options" in Display Setup.
Yes, you will find this option in "Forms Data Options" in Display Setup.
When OnyakTech Forms saves the information to a database it will first query the table design to determine the best way to store the information based on the data types defined for your tables columns. Then it will determine if all Form values entered have a matching column in your table, if matching columns are not found then OnyakTech Forms will add new columns to your table for you to store the values. It also verifies the primary key and will create a primary key for you if your table does not yet have one. On top of that, OnyakTech Forms takes extra care to make sure that data stored is "global aware".
Yes you can, each time you save a Form Template a copy of it is stored in the local portals OnyakTech Forms folder under the Archives. The new version of the Forms module also displays to you the differences between the forms and provides the ability to quickly rollback changes.
Yes you can. Each control can be setup to trigger a product or service to be added to the users shopping cart in the Control Panel. To define the store options and payment gateway open Display Setup and expand the eCommerce section. There are also features for the AuthorizeNet Subscriptions for automatic payment collection.
You can submit a support ticket on www.OnyakTech.com, email support@onyaktech.com or contact us on live chat on www.OnyakTech.com.
Yes, you will have full access to all minor releases of the OnyakTech Forms module for DNN. If you purchase a subscription you will have complete access to all releases while your subscription is active.
Go to www.OnyakTech.com to purchase OnyakTech Custom Forms. Once you complete checkout you can download the installs and source code from the My Downloads page in the Members Area.
Yes you can. Custom SMTP settings can be set in Display Setup under the Email Options. To use the default SMTP settings defined in your DNN web site leave these options empty.
Yes you can set the control name to use for the TO address when sending emails after the form has been submitted in Display Setup under the Email Options.
Yes you can collect a one time payment or subscriptions with OnyakTech Forms. These are set in Display Setup and detailed in the eCommerce section page.
Yes people can choose the payment type to use during checkout if you have enabled more than one payment gateway in the eCommerce options in Display Setup. If you have only enabled one payment gateway then the user will be forced to use that gateway for payment.
PayPal, Email and AuthorizeNet are the current supported payment gateway options. You can extend the OnyakTech Forms module by building your own payment gateway plugins.
Yes you can build your own plugins and store providers for the OnyakTech Custom Forms module for DNN. Details are listed on the Plugin-Ins page and source code for the current plug-ins can be downloaded from www.OnyakTech.com in the My Downloads page of the Members Area. You must have an active subscription or have purchased the current major release of the OnyakTech Forms DNN Module in order to access the plugin source code.
Yes you can send multiple emails to different people when forms are submitted. These are defined in the Email Options in Display Setup.