DNN Custom Forms by OnyakTech
OnyakTech Custom Forms DNN Module
by OnyakTech

Custom Forms Filters Plugin

Form Value Filters are plug-ins that provide the ability to apply different data conversions and formatting during specific stages of your forms lifecycle (Load, Save, Data Storage, Email Rendering, etc). Each stage has a canvas that contains it's own copy of the data that is populated from the "Master Form Canvas" and the data (Form Values) are passed through the filters you enable below before executing the actions for the stage. This allows you to do format data differently during each stage of your forms lifecycle.

When a controls value is set (from the database, querystring, etc) you can use this to replace the value. This is the same as the REPLACEVALUE token you can use in your Form. The difference between the REPLACEVALUE token and this option is that you can use both upper and lower case characters with this option and at different stages of the form submission. Example: EMP=Employee;STD=Student; TIP: This is a great plugin to use when you want to have a drop down control that may have "Support", "Sales" and you want the users selection converted to an email address for the value selected before saving the form or sending emails. Simply add the following: Support=support@yourcompany.com;Sales=sales@yourcompanye.com;